Inner Parish Security Corporation

Emergency/Disaster Response

IPSC has not only Gulf South but national experience responding to disasters.

After 30 years of security experience, the profound impact of Hurricane Katrina greatly emphasized the importance of emergency response planning for IPSC’s clients. IPSC is aware of an ever growing need for an educated security staff. With over a dozen Certified Instructors, IPSC has a fully functional and operational training academy used for federal training. This training academy can also be used as an emergency operations center in case of national emergencies or natural disasters. This added value of an in-house federal training academy is something that most security companies cannot offer; enabling us to provide our clients with professionally trained and qualified security personnel in very short periods of time.
During the event of a hurricane threat, IPSC will service its clients in the following manner:
For a voluntary evacuation, we will stay on the ground and continue to service our clients to the full obligation of the contract. For a mandatory evacuation, IPSC will stay until the business is fully locked down and will evacuate the property until the storm passes.

The following plan will be activated:
A)  IPSC has secured a facility where 250 or more guards can be safely housed. We also own over 20,000 square feet of office space that can be utilized in conjunction with the following:
•          House and feed these emergency response guards.
•          Hire and train additional guards.
•          Transport employees in passenger vans to the disaster area.
•          Access to computers, telephone, and drug testing and training material.

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