Inner Parish Security Corporation

Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance at Inner Parish Security Corporation means diligent attention to the customer and a demonstrated ability to fulfill our commitments. We realize that our customers have many choices and to remain a leader, we must perform above and beyond their expectations.


Establishing quality at the beginning of a contract and maintaining or improving upon that quality of service throughout the life of the contract is of primary importance to Inner Parish Security. That is why our team will always strive on providing an efficient, cost-effective security officer program to meet the needs of our customers. We recognize that, in order to successfully realize consistency of quality, a number of critical factors require special attention.


These factors include:


A. Staffing the program at all levels with professionals who have a commitment to quality and conscious desire to continually excel in the performance of their duties as well as the training to perform those duties.


B. Providing management and operational support to the security officer program from all management levels of Inner Parish Security, through an ongoing program of quality control, inspection, and field/administrative support.


C. Establishing immediate compliance with security policies and procedures mandated by the customer and maintaining that compliance at all times.


D. Continually working in a team spirit and effort with concerned customer personnel toward the goal of improving security through cost effective means. In other words, we work hard to improve upon our current services and are quick to respond to the ever changing needs of our customers.


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